From a very young age, Justin knew he was a filmmaker. He grew up watching his father produce and edit hit shows of the 80s and 90s and was immediately enamored by the magic of the movies. Growing up, Justin introduced film classes to his high school and experimented with video installations in his school gallery. He was also fascinated by advancements in technology. These interests would prove to be key in his career development. He further fulfilled his desire to acquire film knowledge at the prestigious University of Southern California where Justin graduated from The School of Cinema and Television.

Justin used his creativity and understanding of technology to start a multi-media web development and online advertising company while studying at USC. He simultaneously opened a digital film studio producing advertisements for companies like Overstock.com and directing and producing commercials for companies online. It was then that Justin learned how persuasive commercials can be, as his videos increased the conversation rate of visitors to customers by 70%. After two and half years of being in the web space, Justin left the company he helped create to focus full time on filmmaking and commercial production.

Justin has independently directed numerous commercials and music videos experimenting with creative storytelling, animation and advanced visual effects. He is a five time Telly Award Winner. When Justin isn't directing, he is making progress validating the efforts of the Stereoscopic 3D transition for filmmakers. He is a member of the International 3D Society and has trained at Sony Pictures for 3D Filmmaking.

Justin’s passion is telling stories and making movies. He is now writing and producing feature films with his Development Company, Recursion Media, that he has started with Mark Mower. Additionally, he has opened a production company and VFX Post House called Neon Robotic.